My New Favorite Hidey Hole

Moqui Cave

Right at the base of Kanab, UT sits a small, out-of-the-way cave tucked into the side of a hill. This cave has an interesting story and fascinating rock display, along with lots of dinosaur fossils and footprints. 

For only $7 you can get access to this cave, the guided story, the fossil collection and the massive florescent rock collection. 

I happened to find this on Google and stopped on a whim. The parking lot was small but could accommodate my camper and tow vehicle.  And it was well worth the stop. One of my favorite Hidey Holes along my journey!

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The Story

The cave itself has quite a unique history- The late Garth and Laura Chamberlain purchased the cave in 1951.

As explained by my tour guide, this area was used to film some of the early westerns. Such as Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, and lots of John Wayne movies. The biggest complaint was that there was nowhere to get out of the heat and get a cold drink. The religious edict of Utah did not allow for alcohol usage…on land. So the Chamberlains did it INSIDE LAND. Getting around that stipulation in the law and providing the first bar and dance hall in southwest Utah. 

During the week, one could grab a bite to eat and something cool to drink at their fully functional bar, and a live band would come to play on Friday and Saturday nights. Inside the bar, you can still see the carvings of names on the walls and bar top such as John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Ronald Regan, and more!

A museum was always in their sights, as Garth studied Geology, Archaeology, and Paleontology. The exhibits on display are his personal findings after years of studies and collecting. They include more than 1,000 arrowheads, ceremonial points, jugs, pots, bowls, and working tools from the Puebloan Era. There is a sizeable collection of dinosaur tracks and fossils, most of which were found in the surrounding area.

Their fluorescent mineral displays is one of the largest in the U.S. 


Definitely add this to your next trip to Utah

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